Jan 29, 2013

The Historic Tintaldra Store!

The recent fires in NE Victoria (Australia) had me thinking about the area's of Corryong, Walwa, Khancoban and Tintaldra where we visited just last month.

Last week there was a large bushfire around the Tintaldra area and just this past weekend another one around Corryong and Colac Colac where we were actually camping.

Once you have been to these area's, it makes you realise how vulnerable these small communities are to the elements of nature.

One such building that I feared might disappear if the fire took hold was the Tintaldra General Store. A delightful historic timber and slab store with a craft shop and museum.  Not only famous for their pioneer meal of Jumbuck stew, billy tea and damper, but also 86 year old Bette Walton - owner & operator of the store!

This building is on the
Victorian Heritage Register (VHR) Number - H0777

Statement of Significance:

The Tintaldra General Store and Former Bakery is a largely intact building, built in 1864 and extended in 1928. The original section was built of timber by Edwin Jephcott for Sydney Grandison Watson, and has operated continuously as a store since then. The property has represented the social and commercial centre of the surrounding district for 125 years. In summary, the Tintaldra General Store and Former Bakery is of architectural and historical significance for the following reasons:

(1) the Tintaldra General Store is largely intact and an evocative example of early rural vernacular building design.

(2) it has been in continuous use as a general store in the same building with few alterations since it was first opened in 1864, representing the social and commercial centre of the surrounding district for 125 years.

The Museum Section has a 150 year old organ as well as other artifacts of the era including a wood-fired bakery. But to take a peek inside is truly a delight, I am not going to go into great detail as it might spoil some of the surprise!

Maybe the following images will give you a few clue's:

Upon the wall in the store there is even a photo of old Jack Riley (AKA the Man from Snowy River) as seen below:

to read of The Legend of Jack Riley click HERE

After our concern with the
recent bush fires in the area am happy to report that the CFA (Country Fire Authority) have it all under control. Lets hope and pray it stays that way.

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