Jan 8, 2013

stop by for a cuppa!

If you are ever in the area of NE Victoria and in particular at Tintaldra, then do stop by for tea and scones at the General Store.

tea & scones served in an enamel mug and served on an enamel plate!

The Tintaldra General Store, built in 1864, is the oldest commercial shop front business in the Upper Murray. The building has been classified by the National Trust as a fine example of the pioneer construction techniques using local timber utilised during this period of Australian history .
Built of natural materials available in the area at the time (such as River Red Gum and Stringy Bark) the store is a living history taking visitors back in time.

Once you enter the store be prepared to step back in time, but after a wander around do ask for tea and scones to be served "out the back" if the weather permits!

no better view than here!

who wouldn't enjoy sitting here having a cuppa?
Be rest assured, 86 year old Bette Walton - owner & operator of the store - will take good care of you!

if you are unsure where this delightful place is located, here is a map:

Further blog posts will be uploaded over the next few days on our visit to NE Victoria.

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