Feb 16, 2012

a little time out

As we prepare for our move to Australia, life is hectic here in Singapore with packing, sorting, organising and of course the many farewells.

But for tomorrow, it is our day for "time out", a day for ourselves, a day to be together, a day without stress and without thinking about "the move"!

First we will visit The Temple in Chinatown before heading over to Spa Botanica on the island of Sentosa.

We need time to just 'be together'. When life becomes hectic as it is now, this time out is so important. Not just for the two of us, but for all couples.

We are looking forward to our time at Spa Botanica.....

The Labyrinth
Set in a classical spiral with one way in and one way out, our labyrinths invite you to explore their secret calm. A walk through the labyrinth is a simple exercise to clear the mind and revitalise the spirit. Take your time to reflect, contemplate and emerge with a renewed sense of energy to face the world.

The Mud Pool

The high mineral content in the volcanic mud that is packed on a pedestal by the mud pool has an energising and purifying effect on the skin. Apply a generous coat onto the skin before lounging under the sun to let it dry. Once dry and powdery, the mud can be brushed, massaged or washed off in the mud pool or under our outdoor rain showers.

The Float Pool

Grab one of our float mats and relax as your body is gently massaged by the varying water pressures of the cascading waterfall as you drift on by.

The Swimming Pool

Unwind by our swimming pool with a good book and a refreshing fruit juice from The Garden restaurant before or after your spa massage and treatment.

The Spa Teahouse

Situated in the middle of our spa gardens, the spa teahouse is the ideal place to sit down and enjoy the sounds of water and nature as you sip a hot cuppa tea. The teas served at Spa Botanica boast beneficial properties such as improving digestion, removing wind and lowering cholesterol to enhance and supplement your spa treatment at one of the best luxury spas in Singapore.

We all need time together to reconnect.

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