Feb 15, 2012

10 sleeps ......

still in Singapore and its now Tuesday Feb 14th.....

So not long before we depart, in fact just 10 sleeps.  Oscar flys out next Tuesday evening and arrives in Melbourne at 6.00am on Wednesday Feb 22 when - hopefully - the Australian Quarantine people will be there to pick him up and take him to Spotswood Center.

He will be there for one month, not sure how we are going to cope with that, let alone Oscar!!

 Oscar in the crate in the lounge here in Singapore!

We have the crate here in the lounge so he gets used to it being around and by the time he needs to spend at least 10 hours in it, he will be used to it and it won't be too stressful for him. Though we know he will fret as he will not be around us and he needs his people, be it John, myself or Yvonne.... he has always been around people and after losing his brother in July last year he is even more dependent.

But we are doing our best, so fingers crossed he will be well enough to travel and strong enough to take the flight and the 30 days of quarantine.
In the meantime, we are doing last minute purchases of items we cannot get in Australia and if we can, it would be too expensive!  The removalists arrive on Wednesday morning of next week and apparently will take about 5 hours to pack. We have a 20' container and will probably take up about 17 cbm ....  can't afford to buy anything else anyway, so thats it!

The shipment is packed on the 22nd, then it goes back to the removalists warehouse to add our shipment from Batam - furniture from our villa there - then the container will 'probably' depart Singapore by about Feb 28th. We have been told it will take just on 3 weeks for it to arrive in Melbourne but it will sit on the docks till the Australian customs can get around to checking everything. Which apparently is about 2 weeks. If there is nothing needing to be done like fumigation etc then we should be expecting the shipment at our home in Ballan by the first week of April.

This will be the exciting part, the removalists will be unpacking of course so all we need to do is 'supervise' where everything is to be placed. At this stage we really don't have much of an idea as to where everything will go as we have only seen the house once and that was last December when we spent an hour or so just going through everything and measuring rooms.

Its hard saying goodbye to all our friends here, but we know we will see most of them again at some stage ...... but we need to look to our future too and start to think of new friendships and settling in to our new home.

Will keep you posted on events as they happen......

map of where Ballan is located ... Melbourne is to the right off the map. That's for all my friends here in Singapore!!

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