May 14, 2014

driving to the far west coast of Kangaroo Island...

The roads are in excellent condition for driving around most of Kangaroo Island ..... well certainly the main roads are.  There are also many gravel roads within the National Park areas and other more remote parts of the Island.  It is wise to drive with caution at all times. Apart from all the wildlife, there are cyclists, bushwalkers and many tourists traveling and especially the tourists from overseas that are unfamiliar with our roads, in particular the gravel roads!

So please drive with care and at a safe speed at all times.

Another 'suggestion' is to make sure your vehicle has enough fuel to travel at least 300klms ... KI is 155 klms long and about 47 klms wide. So if you are driving to Cape Borda, do make sure you have enough fuel for a return journey as there are only about two fuel stations (none anywhere near Cape Borda) and are very expensive at $1.89 per liter (April 2014)

There are fuel stations at Kingscote and Penneshaw.  The booklet that the Tourist Center give you lists where the fuel stations are located.

Driving from the east to the west coast will take approx two hours, if not longer. The road is well maintained until you reach the gravel section which is about 30 klms out from Cape Borda.

There is no easy way to 'ride the corrugation'.  If you have a 4 x 4 vehicle, then put it in 4 wheel drive and drive over the corrugation where possible. If driving a normal vehicle, slow down and watch for the extra rough areas. This section of the road will slow you down, but it is still a reasonable road ..... we have driven over far worse, that's for sure!!

Pull over and slow down when you see an oncoming vehicle ..... hopefully they will do the same.  It means less dust and less stones being thrown up on either vehicle.

When reading this blog and seeing these images, you might decide to not travel to Cape Borda due to the road conditions.  But it is well worth the trip and the road is really not that bad at all.  The images are here so you can decide for yourself as we found it difficult to locate photos such as these when we were in the 'planning stages'.  Hopefully these will help others!

Do make the effort to travel to Cape Borda, it is worth every single bump and every single kilometer.


 Watch out for the wildlife ... here we see a snake!

Even though it is only a few klms from here to Cape Borda, take the time to see some of the lookouts etc that are close to the main road .....

or stop by the cemetery just before reaching Cape Borda .....


back on to the main road and five minutes later you can see the Cape Borda Lighthouse!

That view alone makes the 30 klms of gravel road worth the drive!

NEXT BLOG POST ..... staying at Cape Borda!

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