Sep 24, 2013

a bunch of wildflowers

On my recent 'photo drive' around NE Daylesford, I drove  along the Porcupine Ridge Road and where you can see as far as Malmsbury Reservoir and probably Lauriston Reservoir as well! The scenery in the area is spectacular especially at this time of year with the new spring grass and wildflowers in abundance.

The following images were taken along Saw Pit Gully Road, just off Leslies Lane in the Mt Franklin area as marked in blue on this map.....

The above images have been reduced in size to upload faster. If you wish to see a few of better quality, then check my FLICKR account.

Wildflowers bloom in national parks and reserves in the Grampians, Great Ocean Road and Victoria's High Country. Look for native orchids at Cathedral Range State Park, Holey Plains State Park, where 25 species have been counted, and Morwell National Park, home to rare native orchids.  The following website will give you a full list of parks in which to see a good display of Wildflowers in Victoria:

VISIT VICTORIA - Wildflowers

the "pick of the bunch" are definitely The Wildflowers in The Grampians:

THE GRAMPIANS - wildflowers

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