Feb 28, 2013

Q U I E T !!!!!!!

yes, that's right ....
Q U I E T !!

One of the 'quiet carriages'. Photo: Jason South

V/Line have "quiet carriages"
That means switch mobile devices to silent, turn down electronic devices, and speak quietly. Those annoying ringtones, loud conversations and bleeping video games will be banned from seven country train carriages.

“This is about creating some space that encourages fellow passengers to further respect each other’s journey.”

If you want to have a chat, you can use the rest of the train. But one car will be clearly labelled with signs, both inside and outside, requesting a quiet environment.

Queensland Rail trains have successfully had "quiet carriages' for over two years and hopefully it will be successful here in Victoria too. 

Not everyone is happy with the idea of "quiet carriages", but they still have 4 other carriages to choose from to chatter, use their cell phones, play electronic games etc.... a "quiet carriage" is for those that prefer to read quietly or just relax and enjoy the journey!

V/Line allowed six months to judge whether its customers wanted to embrace the quiet carriages, and they did.

So all lines have a "quiet carriage" now.

VLine says they are simply asking for community co-operation from people who travel on V/Line to co-operate while in the quiet carriage.

Please check the carriage you are in when boarding a VLine train and have respect for your fellow passengers if the carriage you are in is labeled QUIET!


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  1. We need these in Singapore! Can you imagine the "no cellphone?!" There'll be nobody in the carriage!