Nov 3, 2012

ST. PATRICK’S CHURCH, Gordon, Victoria, Australia.

On 23rd March 1872 Dr Goold laid the foundation stone of St. Patrick’s Church, Gordon. and 700 people attended.

On May 9th 1875 the Church (although still incomplete) was opened by Dr Goold. Over five hundred pounds was received from the sale of tickets. A report from “The Advocate” referred to its fine site, surrounded as it was by “most magnificent forest scenery and commanding views”.

The land and a sum of one hundred and ninety pounds for the stonework, nave, porch and tower was donated by Ryan brothers of Millbrook. The Architect was H R Casselli of Ballarat, the builders, Jenkin and Lewis. The stone to complete the Church was brought by rail from almost 32 Kilometres (20 miles) away. There was a gallery at the Gordon station for its reception along with a crane. The stone was carted to the site on tip-drays each load requiring two horses to pull it.

Later in 1875 Gordon was declared a parish, comprising of Gordon, Mt. Egerton, Mt. Blackwood, Ballan and Bacchus Marsh. Fr Richard Ellis was the first parish priest and Fr Sheehy was the first curate.

In 1901 extensions, consisting of a stone sanctuary to replace the previous wooden structure were blessed by Dean Phelan. Cost of the completed Church was six thousand pounds.

In 1913 plans were drawn up for a new presbytery at Gordon and the presbytery was opened in 1914 by Archbishop Carr, assisted by Frs. Mulcahy and Conway. It was designed by Kempton and Connelly and built by Mr. Ireland. The total cost was two thousand one hundred and fifty pounds.

In April 1927 further renovations to the church (which unfortunately meant the covering of the foundation stone) were completed.  

On August 17th 1930 the new school at Gordon was blessed and opened by Archbishop Mannix in the presence of E J Hogan, then State Premier of Victoria. The contract price was one thousand one hundred and eighty nine pounds. A further one hundred and fifty pounds was spent on fencing and furnishings.

In April 1975 the Gordon Parish celebrated the centenary of St. Patrick’s Church, during these celebrations Walter Thomas Tudor became the first priest to be ordained in the parish.

In December 1999 renovations to the rear of  the church were completed to create a “Gathering Area” for the parishioners, this project was later blessed by Bishop Connors.

the above information is from the website of the Ballarat Diocese.
Catholic Diocese of Ballarat

St Patrick's Parish Gordon

Carey's Road
Gordon  Vic  3345

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