Nov 25, 2012

Newlyn Reservoir in the Central Highlands.

Been very slack with the blog over the past week or so ...... we have had a few things on, then this past week I was housebound due to illness!  Couldn't believe it, have not been sick like this for well over 6 years. I was going stir crazy being 'locked up' for the entire week and missing out on all the wonderful fun events that were in our diary. Not a good week to be sick that's for sure.

So yesterday JF took pity on me and took me out for some fresh air. We only traveled about 90 klm over a two hour period, but it certainly lifted my spirits!

We drove north of Wallace up to Mollongghip, which is about 17.5 klms NE of Ballarat and then over to the Newlyn Reservoir.

Located about 11 kms from Creswick on the road to Daylesford.  This is probably the number one fishing location in the district. Reports of fish taken from Newlyn Reservoir are often found in local and Melbourne papers. There are Redfin of all sizes, brown and rainbow trout up to about 3 kilograms. There are BBQ sites (take your own wood) and a playground for children, so it is a good spot for the whole family.

It is a delightful area just to stop for a picnic, read a book, go for a walk or even fish if that's your preference!

This is a suggested day trip if you are around the area at anytime and some of the following images will certainly entice you to take the journey I hope.

The following websites will be of interest to those that enjoy fishing:

BruceSmith Newlyn Reservoir

Ray Long Newlyn Reservoir

check back again soon for further travels around the Central Highlands of Victoria.


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