Sep 12, 2012

The Meredith Bakery at the Ballan Farmers Market!

We had another great day at the Ballan Farmers Market last week, just unfortunate that the weather was cold and windy! 

Didn't seem to stop the people coming out in full force though ..... so many have been hearing about this wonderful little market that they are coming from everywhere to check it out!

You should too.

The next Ballan Farmers Market is on Saturday 13 October.

There are many stalls selling a variety of fresh produce, but one of the tastiest stalls at the market is the MEREDITH BAKERY. They are usually situated just inside the main entrance.

above 'map' shows where the stall is usually located.

Its not possible to try each and every one of their pies or loaves of bread - well certainly not in one trip to the market - but they attend many of the Farmers Markets in the area as well as having the bakery in Geelong.

Meredith Bakery originally opened in Meredith, (Victoria, Austraia) in September 2011, and has been receiving consistent fantastic reviews, so much so they opened a shop on the corner of Moorabool and Kilgour street in Geelong, just up the road from Simonds Stadium in July 2012.

They specialise in bio-dynamic Sourdough, though they also cater for those who like bread with less strength in flavour with semi-sourdough's, white, wholemeal, wholegrain and fruit loaves.

Not only do they bake bread, but original meat, chicken and vegetable pies. Including family size pies too. Also do quiches, fresh foccacias or sandwiches all with their own products.

the above are not my images - I stole them off the Meredith Bakery's Facebook page!

and they bake in store, fresh, daily!

But don't just take my word for it .... this week the results came out for The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition in Melbourne
held last weekend and they received 6 SILVER and 6 BRONZE medals for 12 of their pies!


Meredith Bakery entered The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition in Melbourne this past weekend and received 6 SILVER and 6 BRONZE medals for 12 of their pies!

and to get your taste buds working overtime, their winning pies are:

Thai Green Chicken Curry
Chicken and Leek
Cauliflower Broccoli and Blue Cheese
Seafood Chowder
Minted Lamb and Pea

Spiced Vegetable and Meredith Feta
Beef Mushroom and Red Wine
Spanish Mussel
Lamb Curry
Beef Wellington
Plain Mince Pie
Plain Chunky Pie
You can buy them at the bakery in Geelong or at most of the Farmers Markets in this area ..... in particular at the BALLAN FARMERS MARKET on the second Saturday of each month!!

In case they sell out quickly, I think I might need to be there early next month!  I am going for the Cauliflower Broccoli and Blue Cheese Pie and John is sure to want the Spanish Mussel Pie ..... what one would be your favourite?

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Kilgour and Moorabool St's, 
Geelong, Victoria 3220

contact number: (03) 5297 9567

    hours of opening: 
every day - 7:00 - 18:00

don't forget the next Ballan Farmers Market is:

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