Sep 22, 2012

An afternoon with Miss Marple!

Yesterday a few of us did the trip up to Sylvan (Victoria, Australia) to see the Tesselaars Tulip Festival, on the way home we did a slight detour to have afternoon tea at the Miss Marples Tea Rooms in Sassafras.

I have read a few of the recent reviews on this establishment and they are:

was in the area on Friday with a group of friends on a photographic trip. After the morning shooting we decided to stop in and grab something to eat. Our party of 8 or so sat down but one was still outside and planned to join us in 10 minutes. Upon arrival he asked one of the waitresses to place another chair at the end of the table. The woman was downright rude and told him that she would not, that he was ill mannered for trying to jump the queue. Our party tried to explain that he was with us, but she didn't believe us, or him, and embarrassed him by telling him that he was lying.

The food was overpriced and nothing special. We will not be going back, when there are other options in the same street who do not humiliate their customers.

Overall, a nice place to take out of town or international visitors for the English-style environment.

Waited for an hour and a half which was fine as its a popular destination however the waitress made us feel like a total inconvenience and ruined the experience. Was supposed to be a lovely Sunday afternoon tea. If your working in the hospitality industry then aren't you supposed to be hospitable? Disappointing Miss Marples.

We had a wonderful lunch here last weekday. Delicious Cream/Devon Teas, open sandwiches and the atmosphere was so cute. I have recommended Miss Marple's to many visitors and none have been disappointed.

So I was anxious to see what it was like on a personal level.

We did have to wait, but all up only about 20 minutes, which allowed us time to visit the Tea Shop next door.

We found the staff to be pleasant and we were served without any wait or fuss. My only comment would be on the 'scones'. I found them to be more like a dry tasting sponge and nothing like I would expect a "Devonshire Tea" scone to be like either in taste, shape or size!

Other than that, it was a very pleasant afternoon tea. Regardless of some reviews, I would suggest that everyone needs to go here at least once in their lifetime!

Miss Marple's Tearoom

03 9755 1610

382 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd
Sassafras, VIC 3787

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