Aug 15, 2012

Road Trip (Ballan to Geelong)

Earlier this week we did one of our "road trips". This time it was on the C141 from Ballan to Geelong. The journey from Ballan to Geelong is 72.5 klms and takes just one hour and sixteen minutes. The C141 is mostly a rural road linking the coastal city of Geelong to the heritage tourist town of Daylesford.

It was a pleasant drive and is a good road for cycling too. Though there are many sections that are narrow with a gravel shoulder.

and there are always interesting things to see along the way:

33 klms south of Ballan you come to The Brisbane Ranges National Park. Popular areas of the park are accessible from the Geelong-Ballan Road and the Staughton Vale Road out of Anakie
Set in a low range of mountains dissected by rocky gullies, the unusual geology of Brisbane Ranges National Park has preserved plants that have long since vanished from the region, together with a correspondingly diverse bird population as well as Koalas, Wallabies and Kangaroos.

as we get closer to Geelong, so the land becomes more open and we start to see a bit of early morning fog.....

From the C141 we turn east towards Geelong on the A300 and head straight into more fog ....

It was soon clear and we drove through Geelong City Centre and onto the A10 which took us to Queenscliffe.

But more about Queenscliff in the next blog post.

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