Aug 8, 2012

History in the making

The combined churches of St Patrick's Parish in Gordon, Victoria, came together for the celebration of the commissioning of three new coordinators who will oversee the running of the parish.

The coordinators were chosen by a process of nomination and discernment.  The three coordinators are: Lin Bowers (far left), Sue Daly (2nd from right) and John Fabre (far right) as seen in the following article in this weeks "The Moorabool News".

  (image by Leone Fabre)
Bishop Peter Connors led the Mass at St Brigids in Ballan, concelebrated by visiting priest, Fr Shane MacKinlay who offers masses each weekend in the parish.
During the celebration, the coordinators each placed a hand on the Bishop's staff, symbolising the act of shepherding God's people.

Bishop Peter spoke of the Body of Christ and the responsibility for the parish being a shared ministry of service, not to be left to the coordinators alone.  He encouraged the parishioners to be involved and to support those who will act on their behalf in the oversight of the parish.  Sr Pam was noticeably relieved that the coordinators were finally selected.

This bold step will ensure the future of the parish, with support provided by the various ministry groups active in the parish, and a part-time (yet to be appointed secretary).  Sr Pam will retire at the end of 2012.

 (the above data from the website of the Diocese of Ballarat)

(image by Leone Fabre)
St. Patrick's Parish, Gordon was established in 1875 and incorporates a church and school in each of Ballan, Gordon and Springbank. The area consists of many small communities including Bolwarrah, Bunding, Millbrook, Mollongghip, Mt. Egerton and Mt. Wallace.

The parishioners are very grateful for the work and support freely given by Sr Pam, who has led the charge to this new structure for St Patrick's Parish.

website of the Diocese of Ballarat


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