Jan 7, 2014

a taste of the Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese

we were back at the Ballan Farmers Market again earlier last month.  Weather was beautiful and the sun was shining!

... as soon as we walked in we made a beeline for the cheese stand.

Who can resist a taste of good quality cheese?

We sampled a couple of different varieties, but decided on purchasing a piece of the St Barbara. Named after the patron saint of gold miners, St Barbara is a creamy, mild blue vein cheese.

Next time you visit the Ballan Farmers Market do check out the Goldfields Farmhouse Cheeses.

Gotta go ... the wine & the cheese is ready!

catch up next time.

1 comment:

  1. You can also find Nadia's Goldfield Farmhouse Cheeses at the Golden Plains Farmers Market, in Bannockburn on the 1st Saturday of every month :)