Jun 12, 2012

Visualise before your shoot!

We have a friend in Singapore (Alvin) who has created a Facebook page titled VISUALISE BEFORE YOU SHOOT  so am trying to do this more and more as I walk around with camera in hand.

above: an old fence post, makes me wonder how old it is!

We have known Alvin for about 4 years and in that short time has been a great mentor to me and with my photography.

So it was with this in mind that I set out with my camera for a walk to the Post Office and this is what I captured:

above: I have walked past this fence many times, each time trying to visualise how I would take the photo.

 above: an old gate on the main road.

 above: part of an artistic fence in the township of Ballan.

above: some artwork seen on the above 'artistic' fence.

I am no expert - far from it - but I enjoy taking photos and sharing them when I do. 
On this very same walk I took a few images of the flowers we had seen as well. Considering it is winter I am surprised at how many flowers there were!

Check the next blog post for the photos.



  1. Hi Leone,
    This is a fantastic start and I will definitely visit your blogspot regularly to see how your photographs are coming along. I am so happy and pleased that you have adopted my simple recommendation to all photographers - visualise before you shoot.
    I am so happy to see you pursuing your interest and pleasure in photography. I look forward to viewing more of your photographs in your next few postings.
    Let's continue to stay in touch, and please feel free to share with your friends my Facebook photography page. I am very interested to see how this will develop and take shape.
    All the best and keep shooting!

  2. Hi Leone,
    it is important to enjoy your passion and what you are taking photos of.
    It is because of this interest and curiosity of the subject that prompts you into looking beyond the obvious. This is where you will start looking at pictures from different angles, different perspective, and even how the image what turned out when taken during different times of the day.
    You start to ponder about the subject, like how you were looking at the Wood on the fence, wondering how all was to tree before it became the fence. and so on.
    One can see in your pictures, which is very good thing is a sense of curiosity and a sense of exploration of the subject. I encourage you to keep that growing so that you will always be looking at different angles and thinking how to make something ordinary look extraordinary. When you start doing this, this is when you start to visualise before you shoot.
    I hope that makes sense. :-)
    And keep up the shooting.
    Happy snapping!