May 25, 2012

a train journey

Today, May 25 2012 ..... the coldest day in four years and the wettest day in seventeen years and what did we decide to do?

Yes ... take a train trip from Ballan into Melbourne City!

This was my first time on the train, though John has been in by train many times over the past two months of us living here.

He always said it was a comfortable journey and it was ..... would be even better if they offered free WiFi on the train, but I think our dreams of that happening are next to nil.

above: The Ballan Rail Station ...... the ticket area and the waiting room and yes, there is a delightful waiting room complete with heater and toilet facilities!

The conductor was friendly, the train was warm and the seating was comfortable, it took 57 minutes to reach the Southern Cross Station (the Old Spencer Street) and the cost was 'reasonable' I guess. Though I cannot understand why they don't offer concession rates over the weekend. They have a very odd way of working out the price structure.  At the weekends there is a "Family Ticket" for one adult and two children that costs $5.10. The same price as one adult with a concession card!

Why not have the same fares all the time?

Why distinguish between off peak, peak and weekends ... surely the idea would be to encourage everyone to use public transport as opposed to vehicles?

But ... all that aside ... the train journey today was a nice experience and we would recommend it to everyone.

above:  inside the carriage

below:  the scenery along the way .......
keep in mind the train was moving and it was a very wet day, so the photos really don't do the scenery justice. It would be quite beautiful on a clear sunny day.

below: arriving at Southern Cross Rail Station.

.... and before heading over to Collins Street to catch the tram, we stopped at PIE FACE for a cup of hot chocolate!

Even though the day was wet and cold, we did enjoy our trip in by train ....
We will blog about the next train trip too and hopefully will have a few better photos.

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