Mar 13, 2012

Living out of a suitcase!

We flew in from Singapore on February 25 at 6.30am .... and we have not stopped running around since!

Monday 27th saw us in Ballan meeting with the tradesmen and organising the work that needs to be done for our 'new home' to be made habitable. 

So far we are having it repainted, all new light fittings and power outlets, garden totally cleaned out so we can start with a 'new canvas', carpets completely removed and all the floors (except wet areas) are being replaced with mocha coloured Bamboo Flooring. All of this will be completed by March 30th and then we wait for the shipment to arrive.

Our shipment is on board the cargo carrier: APL BAHRAIN and is expected into the Port of Melbourne on March 19th. Then our container needs to sit at the docks until the customs and quarantine people have done their inspections.

In the meantime, we are LIVING OUT OF A SUITCASE!!

But even though it does get messy at times, we are not complaining. We are lucky that my brother has allowed us to use his caravan (House Trailer) at the back of our property in Ballan. This allows us to still be 'on site' as much as possible. At other times we stay overnight at their place in Langwarrin. Its quite a drive back and forth and we have had to slow those trips down as the cost of fuel to do the two trip each way is getting out of hand.

We are well into the autumn weather here with crispy cold mornings and beautiful warm sunny days .... but must admit I do love looking at the BIG BLUE SKIES every day. Have taken far too many photos, but they really are stunning. Its not till you cannot see the "big blue skies of Australia" that you truly appreciate them.

This morning when we woke it was a chilly 9 degree's, but we still managed to get out and go for a long walk. Looking forward to exploring this little village by foot!!

below is as we drove into Ballan for the first time:

The street where we live and our house is at the far end on the right:

a street sign in the main area of Ballan:

But the funniest sign of all I saw today was:

                                  A large snake has been seen at the roundabout, 
                                       please be careful as it is large and swift.

Well, perhaps not so 'funny', but its a sure sign I am back in Australia!!!


  1. funny when reading the sign from here. not so when you are in the area.

  2. Welcome home Leone,
    Vic weather is quite a change from steamy Singapore.
    There is a blog called "Down to Earth" from Rhonda at the Sunshine coast,if you are starting a new garden you might like to grow some vegies etc....hope you like it.