Jan 3, 2012

The Modern Day Bakery of Ballan

Modern Day Bakery Ballan

46a Inglis St, Ballan Victoria 3342, Australia

Phone number(03) 5368 1912

Over the past few months we have tried to locate information on Ballan without much success ..... trying to find out what stores are available and times of opening is just about impossible.   No one seems to have any websites or even a facebook page.

Though we did manage to locate the name of the local bakery!

The Modern Day Bakery of Ballan,
no website, no email address, no facebook page.

Yet this little village of Ballan has much to offer the traveller. Not everyone wishes to drive straight through on the M8 to Melbourne or Ballarat or wherever they happen to be going, many people like to take the exits off these freeways to explore the small villages and maybe stop for lunch or a coffee!
So when we visited Melbourne recently, we did a day trip out to Ballan as its just 78 kilometres (48 mi) north west of Melbourne. 

Ballan has a quaint little bakery with Tea Rooms "out the back" and table and chairs on the pathway out front. The staff are very friendly and have many fine cakes, slices, pies etc on the menu as seen in the following images. Unfortunately these images were taken through the glass cabinets and so 'not at their best'.

But am sure you will get the idea of what is available:

Four of us managed to have hot chocolate, pies, chocolate eclairs and a vanilla slice! Though the bakery and the Tea Rooms are very basic, the food we had was quite delicious and it is well worth stopping by to sample anything they have on the menu.

We did hear from a couple of the locals that they thought the bakery was a little 'expensive' so rarely go there ... we can't compare prices as we are way out of touch with the Australian dollar value .... but as this bakery has no major competition in town, they could very well be a 'little more expensive' than some may expect to pay. But if you believe in quality, then you get what you pay for and we felt we had good quality food at this bakery.

We hope to blog about this bakery again at a later date, so stay tuned.

please note we will be available for any Social Media work after March 2012. Be it bakeries, restaurants, wineries, cafes, coffee shops, or anything that needs to have some focus and would be of interest to others!!

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