Feb 5, 2015

John Mathieson William EDMONDS [1894 - 1919]

John Mathieson William Edmonds was born at home at 25 Bendigo Street in Prahran in September 1894.  His parents were John Henry Edmonds and Isabella Craig.

By the time he was 20 years of age he had enlisted in the AIF at Cottesloe in West Australia.  This was 21st June 1915.  He joined the 12th Battalion - 4th Motor Transport Section. His parents wrote a letter giving him permission to enlist.

In September of that same year he embarked Fremantle per the H.M.A.T. Anchises A68 bound for Egypt.

His Battalion disembarked on 6th January 1916 and by the 1st marsh John was transferred to the 52nd Battalion.

As a "driver' he was transferred many time to various Battalions and it is difficult to keep up with where he was at various stages in his Military Career. By August 1916 he was in Marseille, France where he seemed to be for quite a few months.

In February 1919 he is at Wimereux in Northern France being admitted to 7th G.H. with acute bronchitis and influenza. He died on 12th February 1919 at Terlincthun, Pas-de-Calais, France where he is buried

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