Jan 3, 2013

Colac Colac Caravan Park at Corryong!

above: image taken 6:30am

During these past Christmas / New Year holidays we traveled to Corryong to visit the NE part of Victoria. Being well over 20 years since we had been in that vicinity we were looking forward to exploring some of the area.

We camped at the Colac Colac Caravan Park as this was the park our friends had booked into. We stayed 6 days / 5 nights. They were in their Camper Trailer while we stayed in their pre loved 'tent'. We had a lovely time together and it certainly helped to have perfect weather!

You can read the previous blog post about the drive from Ballan to Corryong HERE.

The Caravan Park has approx 400 shady tree's which makes for ideal camping in the heat of summertime!

On their website it says:

This spacious park that is 6 km west of town, under large shady trees and alongside a popular trout stream. The budget-priced park in ‘Man from Snowy River’ territory has all the necessary amenities and is ideal for a few days stay or an overnighter. Facilities include - toilets and showers (disabled access), laundry, telephone, kiosk/shop, gas refills, ice, camp kitchen, barbecues, playground, internet terminal and pet friendly accommodation. Tent sites, powered sites, drive-thru sites fitting large motorhomes and cabins are available.

and the facilities that are available are:
  • Barbecue
  • Playground
  • Onsite laundry
  • Cooking Facilities
  • Ice
  • Individual Taps (89)
  • Essential Food Store
  • River Water
  • Shade
  • Washing machines & dryer
  • Drive-through caravan sites
  • LPG exchange & fill
  • Truck and/or coach parking

There is a walking / cycling track from the Caravan Park into the town of Corryong (6 kms) but do take a hat and sun block as the track is quite exposed to the weather and has no shade.

The Caravan Park has over 102 sites on 15 acre's, though I imagine it is only crowded during the main holidays of Christmas, New Year, Easter and long weekends. We personally found it to be crowded with some of the campers parked virtually on top of one another. Though having said that, I assume it was by choice as there were many groups of campers parked together. Mostly family groups which is an ideal way to get together and spend quality time.

We had sites 101 & 102 and when two other camper vans started to hook up to our site, we queried their site number only to be told: "oh no one bothers about site numbers when its busy, we all camp where we can".  Which I feel the owner is probably unaware of!

The day we arrived (26 December) it was about half full and was very pleasant to have all the grass and tree's around us, but by the following morning many others started to arrive and we soon realised if we want to have total peace and quiet its perhaps better to come on the shoulder season.

Though the six days we stayed was much quieter than one would normally expect with so many families and young children staying there. There were only a couple of nights where we had neighbours that stayed up till well after midnight talking and laughing and then New Years Eve of course, but overall it was OK with most campers being considerate of their neighbours!

Its a great family park and nearly all the families we noticed had very young children and all had bicycles.  Perhaps this is the ideal situation to teach the children about road safety! Some of the children had obviously gotten new bikes for Christmas and were learning to ride, but the parents need to teach them
to ride with a helmet at all times, to know the road rules and to be aware of all vehicles and the park is the ideal place to reinforce this!

Though perhaps also the car and van drivers need to be reminded to keep under the 10 km speed limit and to watch for the young children that suddenly dart out between parked cars!

Keeping under that 10 k limit also will help keep the dust down.

The park has some great non-powered sites by the Nariel Creek where all the children (and adults too) spent most of the days.  The park is pet friendly too .... in the time we stayed we saw many dogs but rarely heard one bark. I think they were also enjoying their holiday.

Do check out their website as they have both powered and unpowered sites as well as cabins.

The owners of the park are very friendly and go out of their way to make sure your stay is enjoyable. I would imagine that it would not be easy dealing with many people at this time of year, but they still keep smiling!!

  • great Caravan Park suitable for all sized vehicles and campers.
  • Plenty of shade for the hot summer days.
  • Pet friendly.
  • Perfect spot for families with children. Playground available.
  • Busy over the Christmas / New Year period.
  • No swimming pool but Nariel Creek is suitable for 'playing' in the water!
  • 6 km's from Corryong - which has Supermarket / Pharmacy / Hospital / camping store / banks etc.

Further blog posts will be uploaded over the next few days on our visit to NE Victoria.

Previous blog post on the drive from Ballan to Corryong via the Hume Freeway and the Murray Valley Highway is HERE.

I appreciate the helpful advice that is available on the following websites:

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Colac Colac Caravan Park

Tallangatta (Sydney Morning Herald)

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Colac Colac Caravan Park

1994 Murray Valley Highway
Colac Colac
Victoria, Australia

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Telephone: (02) 6076 1520


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  1. This looks like a great spot to camp - but your post also reminds me why we tend to stay home during the Christmas school hols!! But I'll certainly look it up when we're next over that way!! Have a great day!!